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Christian Riese Lassen is Hawaii’s most esteemed artist of the ocean. Using a blend of acrylics, enamels, and oils, his masterpieces capture a romanticized, exuberant vision of the natural world. As a child, Lassen moved to the idyllic island of Maui. There, he developed an enduring fascination with the ocean’s vastness. This fascination, which fueled his love for surfing, propelled him into becoming a preeminent environmental artist of international acclaim.

Lassen’s artwork has been extensively showcased in galleries across the United States and Japan. Moreover, his 1998 debut traveling exhibition featured over 85 of his original works on loan from collectors worldwide, and his paintings have continued to travel to over 26 cities since then. Additionally, Lassen engages with his fans through a weekly television program in Japan, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of his art. He has also been widely licensed as an artist, with over 70 licensees worldwide producing an array of merchandise using his imagery.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Lassen is also committed to creative ventures. These ventures are linked to his environmental concerns. He has released his debut album, “The Turn of the Tide.” This interprets his theme of marine life preservation through music. Furthermore, he starred in the feature-length film “I Am the Earth,” which conveys a powerful environmental message. Lassen has also been featured in numerous pictorial books. One of them was “The Art of Lassen,” which inspired a children’s book titled “Treasures of the Sea.”

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