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Artist, poet and musician, Stephan Shrem continues to broaden his perspectives as his artwork becomes increasingly popular. Mr. Shrem came to New York from Oregon. Since then, absorbed in the arts, he has progressed from street musician to opening his own art gallery. Now selling his work at galleries in and around Manhattan, including those on Madison Avenue, 57th street and in Soho, he has gained wide acceptance. His three dimensional kinetic Shremagraphs which transform colors, ideas and shapes before one’s eyes, can be found in several private collections. Mr. Shrem is able to blend complex, futuristic color patterns and kinetic movement with a childlike innocence while simultaneously projecting his own intense energy. Mr. Shrem uses a wide variety of mediums, ranging from crayon, waterpaints and acrylics, to oil and air brush. His creativity is expressed on almost anything within reach – paper, board and glass as well as through video and photography. A self-taught artist, Stephan Shrem was born in Brooklyn in 1961. He moved to Portland, Oregon at two years old. During the years that followed, his mother taught him to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and to respect people from all backgrounds. Mr. Shrem is a musician, songwriter and poet who expresses through his art a need for a world united by love and harmony. He now lives in Paris, France.

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