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LeRoy Neiman was an artist who made paintings and prints of athletes, musicians, and sports events. He used a lot of color and movement in his artworks, making them very exciting to look at.

LeRoy was born on June 8th, 1921, in St. Paul, Minnesota. When he was young, his father left him, and he changed his last name from Runquist to Neiman. He was very good at art even when he was in primary school, and his classmates loved when he drew temporary tattoos on their arms during recess. As a teenager, he drew portraits of store owners and earned money from it.

Neiman worked as a cook in the army during World War II.. In his free time, he painted murals on the walls of the mess house and worked for the Army’s Special Services Division in Germany painting sets for Red Cross shows.

LeRoy Neiman went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated there. After finishing his studies, he decided to remain in Chicago and work as a teacher of figure drawing and fashion illustration. He also took on freelance work for the Carson Pirie Scott department store in the same city.. Neiman met his future wife there and also met Hugh Hefner, who offered him a job illustrating for his magazine. He also painted murals for Playboy clubs worldwide.

But what made Neiman famous were his colorful sports drawings. He was able to create what he wanted because no one had ever done art like this before. Neiman drew famous athletes and sporting events using bright colors. He was the illustrator for several Olympic Games, including Munich 1972, Montreal 1976, and Los Angeles 1984. Neiman made a lot of artworks during his life, and they are remembered for being lively and exciting.

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