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Jane Wooster Scott is a renowned painter who grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania. Her childhood was spent between Bucks County and the Dutch communities surrounding it. As a result, she has vivid memories of the area as it was in the 1940s. This inspires her paintings that often depict the traditions and customs of that time.

Despite living in Los Angeles, Jane travels to New England to find inspiration for her art. She has been painting for 15 years, and her love for Americana is what drives her to continue creating.

In her artwork, Jane Wooster Scott captures the essence of old buildings, pastoral vistas, and traditional holidays. Her paintings are admired by people all over the world and are considered some of the best examples of Americana.

Despite her fame, Jane remains humble and is comfortable painting ordinary people. She has sold her art to many famous people, including Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Marlon Brando. In fact, she holds the record for being the “Most Reproduced Artist in America.”

Jane Wooster Scott’s art reflects her deep love for her country’s heritage. She believes that many of the things that made America great in the past are disappearing. Therefore, she seeks out and paints the remaining treasures of her country’s heritage. She hopes to share the joy she feels when she paints these things with others who also love their country.

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