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Robin Morris made her debut in 1982 when she published her first lithograph, The Couple. The fifty editions of her artwork that came after her first lithograph were highly praised and appreciated by the artistic community. This solidified her position in the industry. It also increased her popularity with the general public.

Morris’ sophisticated designs have been featured in a variety of mediums. This includes canvas, ceramics, bronze, tapestries, and paper goods. Her work has graced everything from program covers at Radio City Music Hall to bath sheets at Bloomingdale’s. Her art has captured the public’s attention through commercial applications. This includes posters, note cards, and shopping bags. Morris’s art has achieved global recognition, as shown by sold-out shows worldwide. Her internationally acclaimed pieces are in the permanent collections of several museums.

She is constantly exploring new horizons for her artwork and is excited about the many opportunities to use her fresh new images. She says, “Who knows what projects lie ahead?”

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