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Charles Fazzino – A Prayer for Peace

Charles Fazzino – A Prayer for Peace


Charles Fazzino – A Prayer for Peace
Year: 2022
Deluxe Edition Image Size : 17 inches x 6 inches (DX Edition)

Premiere Edition Image Size: 34 inches x 12 inches (PR Edition)

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this piece have been donated to Ukrainian Relief.

“I don’t speak the same language as many of my collectors, but no matter where I travel to, I see my own hopes and dreams in their eyes and in their actions. We all long for a more peaceful world…one in which we celebrate and respect the best in each other and protect the rights of all. Life is a sacred and beautiful thing and through this artwork, I’m trying to express my sincere hope for worldwide peace, love, and well-being. ”    –A Prayer for Peace by Charles Fazzino

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