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Charles Fazzino – Super Bowl XLVIII – NY/NJ – Signed Poster

Charles Fazzino – Super Bowl XLVIII – NY/NJ – Signed Poster



Charles Fazzino – Super Bowl XLVIII (NY/NJ Signed Poster)
HAND SIGNED by Charles Fazzino
Poster Size: 18″ x 24″
Licensed by the NFL

Celebrate the excitement of Super Bowl XLVIII with this unique signed poster by Charles Fazzino! This piece captures the energy and spirit of the game in Fazzino’s signature vibrant and layered 3D pop-art style.

More than just a poster, this artwork is a collectible treasure for any football fan. It showcases Fazzino’s incredible talent for translating the action and atmosphere of the Super Bowl onto a stunning visual. Owning this piece is like owning a piece of Super Bowl history, immortalized in Fazzino’s instantly recognizable style.

The standard size of the poster is 18 inches by 24 inches, making it a perfect conversation starter and a versatile addition to any room. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a touch of pop-art flair and Super Bowl history to your collection! Order your signed “Super Bowl XLVIII (NY/NJ Signed Poster)” today!

Charles Fazzino’s 3D art is in high demand and sought after by art enthusiasts worldwide. His artwork is a fantastic investment for those looking for an exceptional piece of art. So, if you are looking for Charles Fazzino art for sale, take the time to browse through our extensive collection of his unique pieces.

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