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Charles Fazzino – Tagging The Subway (Corrugated Cardboard)

Charles Fazzino – Tagging The Subway (Corrugated Cardboard)

Charles Fazzino – Tagging The Subway (Corrugated Cardboard)
Year: 2021
Image Size: 18″ x 11.5″

Also available in the following variations:

  • 3D Serigraph
  • Sheet Metal
    Hand-signed by both Charles Fazzino and Heather Fazzino

“Tagging The Subway (Corrugated Cardboard)” is a captivating collaborative masterpiece by the renowned artist Charles Fazzino. It is a collaborative work with his daughter, Heather Fazzino. This artwork brilliantly encapsulates the dynamic essence of New York City’s street art scene, exuding vibrancy and diversity at every corner.

What truly sets this artwork apart is its ability to capture the pulse of New York City’s diverse culture and the underground world of street art. The artwork seamlessly blends Charles Fazzino’s signature New York skyline, an iconic representation of the city’s grandeur, with Heather Fazzino’s unique perspective on the grittier, less polished aspects of NYC – the world of street art and its talented yet often overlooked artists.

Standing as a testament to the city’s artistic vitality, this stunning piece is available in three distinct backgrounds: rag paper, corrugated cardboard, and the unique sheet metal. Each background choice offers a distinctive dimension to the artwork, enhancing its overall appeal.

“Our artwork tells a story about NYC from different artistic
perspectives that work really well together.
My dad brings his quintessential New York skyline
and I add the grungier, less pretty parts of the city,
representing the world of street art and its underground artists.”
– Heather Fazzino

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