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Charles Fazzino – Olympic Games, Beijing 2008

Charles Fazzino – Olympic Games, Beijing 2008


Charles Fazzino – Olympic Games 2008 – Beijing
Year: 2008
Size: 13″ x 12″

Olympic Games 2008 took place in Beijing, China. This event marked Charles Fazzino’s fifth consecutive participation in creating commemorative art for Team USA in the Olympics.

For these games, NBC, a major American broadcast network, recognized Fazzino’s unique artistic style. They commissioned him to design two exclusive Olympic display pins. These pins were not just ordinary merchandise. They were limited edition collectibles, blending Fazzino’s distinctive art with the spirit of the Olympics. The result was a stunning representation of the games, capturing the excitement and dynamism of the event. These pins became highly sought after during the Olympics. The popularity was so immense that they completely sold out during the course of the games.

United States Olympic Committee (USOC) also recognized Fazzino’s artistic prowess. They commissioned him to create their own limited edition pin. This pin was not just for sale to the general public; it held a more prestigious purpose. It was used in the USOC’s official gifting program, a program that involves presenting gifts as a token of goodwill and friendship.

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