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Charles Fazzino – Olympic Games, 2002 Salt Lake City, USA

Charles Fazzino – Olympic Games, 2002 Salt Lake City, USA


Charles Fazzino – Olympic Games, 2002 Salt Lake City
Size: 24″ x 30″
Year: 2002

The Olympic Games 2002 were hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah. This special event marked Charles Fazzino’s second Olympic Games commemorating Team USA.

In 2002, the world turned its attention to Salt Lake City, Utah, as it played host to the 2002 Olympics. This grand occasion was significant not only for the athletes and sports enthusiasts but also for Charles Fazzino, an acclaimed artist known for his unique Olympic-themed creations.

Charles Fazzino had previously honored Team USA at the Olympics, and the Olympic Games 2002 provided another splendid opportunity for him to showcase his artistic talents. His colorful and intricate artwork captured the spirit of the Olympic Games, depicting the dedication, passion, and unity of the athletes representing the United States.

Fazzino’s distinctive style brought a fresh perspective to the Olympic experience, and his commemorative pieces became cherished mementos for both athletes and fans alike. Through his art, he celebrated the values of sportsmanship, perseverance, and the global camaraderie that the Olympics symbolize.

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