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Charles Fazzino – Our Oceans…The Tides of Life

Charles Fazzino – Our Oceans…The Tides of Life

“Our Oceans…The Tides of Life is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. You only have to look at a world map to realize that we are all connected by water. But what many forget is that the waters of the earth are filled with magnificent beauty and life, all of which are threatened by the specter of global warming. So, this piece is my small contribution to raising the consciousness about our responsibility to the world at large and the way in which our actions above the horizon may have a devastating effect on the unsuspecting sea life below.” – Charles Fazzino

Dimensions: 46” x 28” DX, PR, & AP / 56” x 33.5” PRDX

Edition Size: 199 DX (Sepia Map) / 199 PR(Dark Blue Map) / 99 AP (Psychedelic Color on Silver Board) / 99 PRDX (Oversized image with Grey Map)

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